The pagan Lithuanian god Vėjopatis is a disguise for Nikolajus Polujanovas from Vilnius who chose the name of the ruler of seas and winds to represent the currents of his pulsating music. Images of the past drift in as deep-coloured waves of dub and techno above which the dreamy fragments of ethno flutter carried away by sea winds. Folklore presupposes inner quietness while electronic wanderings give it a chance to open its buds slowly in the present. Through unhurried and breathing deep techno, the music by Vėjopatis reveals visions of nature while it's downtempo contemplation offers a chance to stop and listen to the sounds around you.

The project, active since 2011, is a resident of the Lithuanian label Cold Tear Records the musical habitat of which might be defined by the stylistic properties of Vėjopatis. Apart from abstract expanses, it's music leaves enough space for intimacy and private experiences. There is no particular imperative underlining the music which resembles a dance liberated of any rules or the electric present made real through the modes of traditional folk music that reach us as echoes of the past that reinforces the present.


Live sets & DJ mixes: