Vejopatis - TaskasDeep and melancholic dub techno vibes, with some ancient Lithuanian folk singing, and beautiful soundscapes.

A review on, written by Escherichia:

“Personally I love it when an artist creates music in the dub techno style that’s overtly melodic. Brooding, monotone dubtech definitely has its place, and when done right can be downright amazing, but I will always be a sucker for a nice melody, too. This album is like no other dubtech album I’ve heard, incorporating gorgeous female vocals (which, especially on “Sauliute,” remind me of classic Delerium – and that’s a good thing) and gentle synth melodies that create a wonderful atmosphere of relaxation and contemplation, alongside the usual reverberating dubtech chords. The Giriu Dvasios remix of “Taskas” is a perfect way to end the album, taking the already chilled-out sound of the original and turning it into a downtempo/dub piece that begs to be played on a breezy summer evening. There’s no reason to miss this album if you like your electronica warm and inviting.”

Cat#: CTR026

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