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“The album ‘Medzui Aida‘ released in January 2014, translates as ‘echoes of the trees’ and according to Nikolaj is a reference to the ‘mysticism that our nature is full of’. I have to say that it feels like the tracks are imbued with this sort of meaning from the first note and that it can be felt throughout the whole of the thirteen tracks on the album.

Taking his alias from the ancient Baltic God of the waves and wind, Vejopatis’ tracks are filled with spiritual sensitivity. In a recent interview Nikolaj mentions that ethnic culture is also fundamental to his music. He goes on to mention ‘ When I started to experiment with ethnic songs I found my style and my path in music. The ancient Baltic culture is very mysterious and diverse. That’s why I’m often looking for inspiration from those ancient myths and hymns.’

According to Nikolaj, another of his main inspirations comes from the harmony of nature, and that is what the album is fundamentally seems to be about. Vocals play a big part in the whole of the LP as well, with melodies reminiscent of the ancient myths and hymns of Baltic culture that are such a strong source of inspiration for his music.

Overall the LP is a work of inspiring quality, with deep and meaningful atmospheric textures contrasted with slightly haunting tripped out electronica. The album has enough twists and turns, as well as surprises to take the most discerning listener on a powerful emotional journey into the heart of Lithuanian electronic music.”

Cover artwork made by Jelena Ura.

Cat#: CTR046


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