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Slownoise – Dark Matter EP


From a review @ Suecae Sounds:

“The strictness of techno is definetly there, especially in the rhythms, while the relaxing forms of dub makes this into a journey putting my mind at ease. This combination is hardly new, but the level of craftsmanship Slownoise shows is rare. It is also quite gritty and comes with an unpolished feel, that should appeal to those who preferr to steer away from a crystal clear sound that sometimes end up sounding stale and lifeless.”

Cat#: CTR024

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6 thoughts on “Slownoise – Dark Matter EP

  1. Btw, I wrote a mini-review of the EP on my blog. I’ll paste it here as well:

    Cold Tear Records give us net-label artist Slownoise latest release. With understated intensite he drives the tracks forward into something which feels both vintage and fresh at the same time. Reverb, delays and driving rythmics all makes this into a compelling whole. The remix-team does a good job as well, featuring Brickman amongst others. Do check it out.

  2. Evaldas, this release is fantastic. The quality I can ALWAYS expect from your label is top class! I am a BIG fan of Jeremy’s work, and the remixes? OUTSTANDING! Another winner from one of my favorite labels!

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