DSEN - Sensory Emotive Networkubtechnoblog.com: ‚ÄúThis is definitely a firm contender for one of the best releases so far of 2011. A great mix of ambient, deep house and dub techno. Every track will leave you with that warm feeling that you get from listening to lush dub techno chords. BEAUTIFUL!”

A review from discogs.com, written by 3cityjay: “This endearing and engaging production creates a sense of almost mediative bliss, as the depth and warmth of the sonic textures is matched by the harmony of melodic arrangement. From the pure ambiance that are “Soul Rain” and “Jem” through the dub-like chill of “Scuba Drift” all the way to “Now We Understand”, a flawless dub techno affair reminiscent of cv313 productions, this is one of the best albums of last year. Released on a quality label, hopefulyl this will not go unnoticed and will be able to make it’s way through and gain recogintion is deseves. Highly recommended! “

Cat#: CTR014

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