Style: ambient, field recordings, experimental

Cat#: CTR019

The original idea was to capture the essence of interesting places with as little use of synthesis and regular waveforms as possible. Instead, every instrument and sound was to be born of field recordings made during a year of travelling. Source material included soundscapes of rainstorms from the beautiful forests of Beskydy; storms over the towns, yards and burnt lands of the island of Brac; the industrial areas of Zlin and late night soundscapes from Brno City. In addition to these soundscapes, further source material emanated from the experimentation of sound produces by static electricity, electromagnetic fields and underwater recordings with homemade Hydrophones.

The final inspiration came from a fascination of psychoacoustics and sound produced beyond the regularly accepted limits of human perception. Sound that can be “seen” within spectrum analysis but not actually percieved by the ear. The resulting studies, and attempts to catch this hidden sound and it’s effects on that which is perceptible, centered on field recordings of rainstorms.

Each and every track herein began with, and exists within it’s own individual uncut recording. That recording alone fed the processes of building depth and sound, ultimately portraying a reinterpretation of the stories and emotions originally captured.

I believe you can capture more than just sound.

This album is for those who appreciate a music which allows the listener space to think as opposed to one which overloads the senses. Also, for those people sharing my profound love of physics.

I want to dedicate this album to my friends Neil Tibbetts, John Kerr, and to a beautiful woman Vendula Urbanova.

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