Noname & Paprastai - Spacetime ResonanceWe create sound, as a meaningful communication or as a vehicle for mind. If you want to truly hear our sound you must know how to listen not only with your ears, because our sound is not for entertainment.

We classify our music in three categories: contact music, background music and storytelling music. Contact music is when rhythms of sounds and compositions generate a very simple moment of a seamless connection between the listener and the sound, which evokes intuition, and an unusual sequence of events. These are moments when music resonates with imagination without leaving any kind of difference between the performer of the sound and the listener. Everything becomes one, and unusually simple. Background music is a stream of sound which is good for meditative kind of creative activities. It doesn’t matter if this activity happends only inside of you or outside as well. Storytelling music are compositions that express certain experiences, which are intended to lead you to focus on certain subjects. Our album “Spacetime Resonance” is a mix of background and storrytelling music.

Any kind of meaningful music reveals it self in an appropriate environment and time. There is a very good saying in Lithuania, which explains things that you can get without putting much effort into it. Translated into english it would sound something like this: “cheap sausage is eaten by dogs”.

Cat#: CTR043

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