Giriu Dvasios - RatuYou can study baltic history and traditions all you want. But nothing will reveal the true baltic spirit better than listening to ancient lithuanian sutartinės. When you listen to them, eventually you join the circular motion of them, and you realise that it‘s not just the song that is moving in circles, not just the performers, not just you, but all the nature is spinning, with all that exists. And you are a part of it all. In my opinion, to have that feeling is to be a true baltic native, a true lithuanian.

Cat#: CTR061

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Giriu Dvasios - Ratu CD digipackOriginally “Ratu” was released on Cold Tear Records as digital download only. But later, a lithuanian label Dangus released a CD digipack version, which you can buy from Giriu Dvasios directly via his bandcamp:

The album features samples from the following recordings:

  • Trys Keturiose – Gervela, Dai Čiūto
  • Trys Keturiose – Dūno Upė
  • Trys Keturiose – Išjos Brolutėlis
  • Vilniaus M. K. Čiurlionio meno mokyklos folklorinio ansamblio grupė – Turėja Liepa
  • Kūlgrinda – Nuslaide Saulala
  • Kūlgrinda – Čiutyta
  • Kūlgrinda – Kas Tar Teka Par Dvarelį
  • Kūlgrinda – Saulala Motula, Užtekėk, Užtekėk