A compilation with all the artists that we have on our roster. This will give you an idea of our label’s future.

A review from discogs.com, written by 3cityjay:

“Futurespective was the 3rd release of a then up-an coming Lithuanian label Cold Tear and was to be a road sign of sorts, not only showcasing current roster but also trying to show the path ahead. Almost three years and more than 30 relaeses later it’s clear to see that the label has managed not only to stick around but has grown on the strenght of it’s clear vision, consistent output and attention to detail and quality.

Those characteristics can be seen on the aforementioned compilation, as most of the artists have set up shop at Cold Tear and delivered quality products over the next years, very much in vein of those found here. So, we’ve got Soulsonic and 101 with some IMDish electronica, Giriu and Slownoise serving some seriously sharp dub techno while Moowalker and SEN smooth the latter and turn towards a more stripped down and minimal take on the genre, a bit like Gas or Rod Modell on his GSSM project, and to brilliant effect I might add. There’s also an interesting surprise here, as Super Bad Beats (Soulsonic’s side project) and Rushkeys deliver two inspiring jazzy hip-hop tunes that wouldn’t feel out of place on, say, a Hyde Out Recordings release.

All in all, an intriguing and plesantly varied release from the Lithuanians, even more so from today’s perspective.”

Cat#: CTR003

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