Enervant - Palescent Tints A review taken from discogs.com, written by 3cityjay:

“Enervant’s first outing on Cold Tear is a highly diversified affair, combining various moods and employing different styles to reach a common goal, that’s actually quite difficult to pin point. Sure enought, two opening tracks steer in the direction of subdued and elegant minimal techno, but there’s enough peace and tranquility in the ambiance of “A Mournful regret” and “Fake A Smile” to float away in a carefree oblivion. Further down the lane, tracks like “Alarming Fascination” and Palescent Tints” introduce some broken beats with stimulating and lush vocals, thus carrying along in a unscrupulously dreamy way. And this, I think, might just be the right angle here to capture the essense of the whole album, a form of emotional rise from the depths of dark and murky minimalism, through the enlightend and drenched in sunlight vocals, all the way to the soothing indifference and nonchalance of slowly closing eyes. It did take me a couple of listens to fully appreciate this but now I’m all for it, hands down it’s just a really, really good album.”

Style: ambient, ambient techno, chillout

Cat#: CTR038


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