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Audiokonstrukte – Sending Echoes


Audiokonstrukte - Sending EchoesA review on, written by Escherichia:

“A wonderful album of groovy, smooth techno tunes with strong dub overtones. I wouldn’t call it “dub techno” in the traditional way, but it should appeal to fans of that style, as well as anyone into deep house/techno and Detroit techno. It’s especially good for a free release, but it’s a pity it wasn’t issued as a physical product too. I would gladly have paid to own a hard copy from the label.”

Cat#: CTR032

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6 thoughts on “Audiokonstrukte – Sending Echoes

  1. This album is a fantastic listening journey for any time of the day. Really contemplative bits along with some more groovy parts. Arrangement of sounds here is superb and crafts a capturing experience. Recommended!

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