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joergmueller – Little Princess (Order From Zion Version by The Nautilus Project) VIDEO

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WomanElectroSounds from YouTube added some great visuals to joergmueller’s track “The Little Princess (Order From Zion Version by The Nautilus Project)”. This track is from our recent release called “Ten Tons Heavier“, which is a “Heavy Heart” remix album. The album also includes remixes by Fingers in the Noise, Dubatech and many others.

Joergmueller – Ten Tons Heavier (Heavy Heart Remixes Teaser)

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“Ten Tons Hevier” is a remix album of joergmueller’s “Heavy Heart” tracks. Check out the promo teaser below. It will be out on November 24


01 Round and Round (Dubatech Remix)
02 Hunted (joergmueller Version)
03 Little Princess (Order From Zion Version by Nautilus Project)
04 Heavy Heart (joergmueller Rework)
05 St. Pancras (Salz Remix)
06 On The Count of Three (Stefan Gubatz Remix)
07 Walk With Me (Fingers in the Noise Remix)
08 Drop That Stone (Adam Kroll Edit)
09 Common Ground (Sale Medo Remix)

“Vertigo” by Optical Frameworks is now out!

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Optical Frameworks - VertigoOptical Frameworks - Vertigo CDr


For two years straight we have been releasing music in digital form only. And today we are breaking this streak by putting out an album by Optical Frameworks, called “Vertigo” on CDr.

The album has more dub techno rhythms and chords than previous Optical Frameworks albums. But field recordings and ambiences are always the main element in OF music. A digital version of this album also includes a photo gallery of Optical Frameworks photography done in Slovenia this autumn. Enjoy!

Audiokonstrukte interview

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audiokonstrukteJust a couple of weeks ago, we released a new album by a german producer known as Audiokonstrukte. It’s called “Angelssphere & Other Fantastic Obstacles“. His previous album “Sending Echoes” was more about techno rhythmics, the new one is more about the chill-out vibe. We decided to ask Audiokonstrukte a few questions, about his music and his life, in hopes to understand better, how does he come up with such elequant compositions.

Hi Jorg! First of all, I’d like to ask, how did you get into music, how long have you been doing it?

Wow, that’s not easy to answer, but I would say that I became interested in music more seriously in the middle of the 80’s. I remember Billy Idol, Erasure… the british new wave. Later, towards the end of the 80’s, I got into Punk / Metal music and we traveled to the first live gigs near my hometown. I spent my childhood in the GDR (maybe someone remembers this time). And it was difficult to get the stuff we liked to hear and so we were lucky if someone got a tape from a hip international band that was copied ten times.

Your profile says that your starting point in music was your first hardware synth. I am interested to know, which synth was it?

The very first was a Roland MC 303 with an eight track sequencer and some typical sounds from the Roland 808/909/303 era. It was a funny machine and easy to use, with some knobs for filter, delay and so on. But the possibilities became too limited quickly. This must be around 1995/96. Later I played with AKAI MPC 2000, EMU ESI 4000 and OBERHEIM Synth. Nowadays it’s incredible… I used to spend a lot of money (and time) for this hardware stuff. Only the HDs (2 and 4 GB, today is a joke) for the two AKAI/ EMU samplers cost a small wealth today. I think today you would get a high class DAW for the same money. So it’s much easier for us to start with electronic music nowadays and that’s good.

What was your first release? I believe it’s called “City Echoes”, tell us about it, what label was it released on etc.

I think that I posted my first stuff from AK on a free webpage (sorry but can’t remember the name) like myspace. I recorded a chilly, nice track and my girlfriend sung some parts. We named it “Kleine Sterne” (little stars) and we had some positive feedback. I just tried to find it the web but couldn’t find it… pity. Later, around 2009 I sent a demo to Vertical FM label group, an overhauled version of a well known Mille Plateaux label and some new sub-labels in Germany. I would say most of their other releases from Vertical FM are focused on IDM style. Anyway, they were very interested in AK album which was released few years before by a small German netlabel in 2007 and so they re-released this album (City Echoes) in 2010 again. A second physical album was planned but the release date was delayed again and again. It seems like they had problems with their label. So, that’s a pity but it was an important experience for me. Some tracks were decommissioned for a long time because I had signed a contract with Vertical FM for thess tracks and a second album.

Your next release, which came out on our label was called “Sending Echoes”. Could you say it is a sequel to your previous album?

Not really. The AK sound and style since “City Echoes” has changed. The sound of “Sending Echoes” is more oriented to dub, and “soft” techno with a breeze of “mud” and ambient sounds. But I thought it’s a cool idea to use “echoes” as a kind of an AK part II in the album name. So, there is no deeper background or concept.

Can you tell us a little bit about your most recent album “Angelssphere & Other Fantastic Obstacles”. Why this name?

Audiokonstrukte - Angelssphere & Other Fantastic Obstacles

Latest album by Audiokonstrukte called “Angelssphere & Other Fantastic Obstacles”

A good place for this question… As you see this time without “echoes” ;) So why this name. Honestly, it’s always difficult for me to find a special title for a track. Perhaps it’s because the tracks are without any lyrics. Sometimes I find that’s a pity. Anyway, I came to “Angelsphere” as I listened to one of the tracks from the album. I’m not sure which one it was but it was my spontaneous intuition. And as contrast to such a beautiful “angelsphere” I needed some “fantastic obstacles” by the way to the “angelsphere”. Like in real life.

I think the tracks from “Angelssphere & Other Fantastic Obstacles” are close to “sending echoes” tracks by the sounds and construction. Three or four of the tracks are a bit older than others but they all fit well. Sometimes when I work on a track, my girlfriend says “oh it sounds like it’s your’s”.

What are your biggest inspirations for making music? What artists have influenced your sound the most?

That’s the attempt, or the process, to combine different sounds to a homogeneous entirety. So I’m still trying to form the sound of AK, you could say “the core” of AK and the recognition of my sound. Like if somebody would say “hey, that’s definitely Audiokonstrukte”.

I could not say that a particular band or an artist had a direct influence to me. I love different kinds of music and styles but I couldn’t say that they influenced my sound. But sure, there are some special artists if we’re talking about electronic music only… In the 90’s I got to know the ORB and FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON, which were always creative and progressive. The ORB are still active, but they don’t sound like they did in the 90’s. Still good though, somehow modern. So I still like them. I also liked RHYTHM & SOUND which no longer have been around for several years. Very minimalistic, but incredibly atmospheric. Nowadays there are a lot of interesting artists as well. That’s the beauty of music. You can always discover something new in it.

Your profile also says that you used to play drums in a rock band. Can you tell us about that?

That’s funny… I just googled to find “My Mani” and found one cd review here (in german).

Yes… I believe we spent seven years together until we split in 2002. We were a classic 4 man rock band and have released two CD’s and done some live gigs. Maybe you have heard about the Wave-Gothic Meeting (WGT) in Leipzig. It’s now the biggest scene-festival for wave-gothic fans. Not in our days though, but we played two times there in the end of the 90’s. Back in those days a private broadband internet and your own homepage/bandpage was a rare thing to have. Myspace also came later. It was much more difficult to promote or sell your stuff. But we used to have nice rehearsals together with another band. That’s all we needed and we liked to rock 2 times a week. It was a nice time.

I like to ask our artists about what they are outside of the music world, because for most guys music is just a hobby. What about you? Could you share what do you do in your life when you’re not making music?

For the most time of the day I work as a social worker in the local skate-park and I like my job. Yes, making music is also just a hobby for me. It would be nice if I could change that, but unfortunately everyone needs money for living. My studio consists of a simple DAW in our sleeping room. We like to meet friends. The most of them have children, just like we do, and so sometimes there’s a lot of people gathering to hang out together. I like to go swimming with my friends two times a week to stay somewhat fit ;) What remains to say. I like snow and fog… that’s what is really quiet!

Do you play any Audiokonstrukte live gigs? Or perhaps DJ sets?

No live gigs, no DJ sets. I don’t really have enough time for doing this consistently. But I’m always interested in remixing.

Are there any future plans for Audiokonstrukte that we should know about?

That’s simple. I hope to always find the time to record new tracks for another album. Maybe on CTR ;)

Thanks for your time, I am very glad that we can work together, and I wish you all the best!

I thank you for your work and promoting my stuff.

Best regards, Jörg